If art is experience, its setting must be one of two places: the mind, or the body. I wish to externalize internal conflict, intrinsic self-consciousness, secret day-nightmares. I believe in the art of the human experience, whether depicted in the piece or experienced in its inevitable translation, of incoherent or dissected thought. I believe in exploiting myself and exploiting my viewers. Discomfort is good for the psyche. Convenience causes brain atrophy. Embrace humiliation, awkwardness, fear. Embrace the ugly, snotty, screaming, shitting side of humanity. Destroy stereotypes of familiarity. Exist. Language is meta-fascistic; art must expose it as such. All expression is manipulative. Remove, submit, remove, contemplate. Are we still capable of coming to our own conclusions? If we are, do we notice them when they form? In this sense, my art is humanitarian. I measure my success in alingual reactions.